1. Your URL cannot contain pornography or violence of any kind.
  2. Your URL cannot contain too much advertising. If you are concern just contact us and we will check it out.


  1. If you earning money from your URL we are NOT responsible if you would be denied a payment. Worldwide Views can not be held liable for any damage that might be caused directly or indirectly by utilizing this service.
  2. You are always entitled to a refund within 14 days if you do not see the views through the tracking link we sent you! Just contact us and we will solve the problem right away!
  3. We do not provide any guarantees about results with 3rd party services. For example, Worldwide Views makes no guarantees about the number of hits that will be registered on 3rd party websites (e.g. YouTube).
  4. The refund policy applies only when you contact us directly through Support. Worldwide Views reserves the right to refuse a refund if there's reasonable suspicion of fraud, or if the service has already been mostly used up.